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"The Museums" -

There are a number of Museums, collections and exhibition and teaching centres scattered throughout the Montalbano territory. The list of these structures already gives an idea of the variety of proposals offered for cultural study:

Vinci: Leonardian Museum; Vinci Ideal Museum; Leonardo da Vinci Library
Anchiano (Vinci): The Leonardo da Vinci family home
Larciano: Municipal Museum (archaeological and historical material up to the Renaissance period)
Castelmartini (Larciano): Padule di Fucecchio Centre for Research, Documentation and Promotion; Commemorative Garden
Monsummano Terme: Museum of the City and the Territory; Casa Giusti Museum
Monsummano Terme - Villa Renatico Martini: Museum of Contemporary and XX Century Art
Casalguidi (Serravalle Pistoiese): Embroidery Museum
Carmignano: Vine and Wine Museum
Seano (Carmignano): Quinto Martini Museum Park
Artimino (Carmignano): Archaeology Museum, Etruscan
Cerreto Guidi: Medicean Villa - Historical Museum of the Hunt and the Territory
Limite: Shipbuilding and Sculling Exhibition Centre


This museum is housed in Palazzina Uzielli and in the Conti Guidi Castle. It conserves one of the most complete collections of reproductions of the models designed by Leonardo. On the first floor of Palazzina Uzielli, at the beginning of the exhibition, there are two important sections: the first on construction site machines and the second on textile technology. The models are commented in images, documents and virtual functional reconstructions. Teaching activities are planned both for school groups and scholars. The Conti Guidi Castle houses more than 6 models of machines invented by Leonardo, each accompanied by copies of drawings and notes by the artist. A large panel, located on the ground floor of the castle, illustrates the life of Leonardo and the most representative phases of his work, in the context of contemporary historical events. Especially interesting are the models of military, scientific and flying machines. Among the most curious models, the ?automobile?, a real prototype for future (and current) applications, the beating wing and the 1:2 functioning scale model of the crane used for building the cusp of the cupola of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence. In the projection room, visitors can view films on documents of Leonardo: artist, scholar and engineer. Listed below, the didactic programs proposed for school groups for detailed information and updates: Ufficio Turistico Intercomunale, tel. +39 (0)571 568012): Laboratory: Leonardo?s viewpoint, created in collaboration with the Florence Children?s Museum; The optics of Leonardo: between Alhazen and Keplero ? Guided tour of the Leonardo da Vinci Museum and in depth study in the optic room; Leonardo da Vinci: technologist and engineer. ? Guided visit of the Leonardo da Vinci Museum; In Vinci, on the trail of Leonardo ? Guided tour of Leonardo?s house and the Leonardo da Vinci Museum; Vinci, Leonardo?s city ? Guided tour of the Leonardo da Vinci Museum and of the Hamlet; The Museum in Didactic Hall I ? Guided tour of the Leonardo da Vinci Museum and functional trials of the models; Museum in Didactic Hall II ? Guided tour of the Leonardo da Vinci Museum and interactive lesson on CD ROM; Learning about Leonardo I ? Guided tour of the Leonardo da Vinci Museum and in depth study ?The Codes of Leonardo?; Learning about Leonardo II ? Guided tour of the Leonardo da Vinci Museum and in depth study ?Leonardo the Painter?. Guided tours - reservations For information and reservations contact: Ufficio Turistico Intercomunale di Vinci Tel. 0571.568012 - Fax 0571.567930 e-mail: Visiting hours: daily, from 9:30 am to 7:00 pm (March ? October), from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm (November to February).


In 1993 a one-of-a-kind exposition was inaugurated: The Ideal Museum of Leonardo da Vinci. The location of the Museum, in the old gallery of the castle and adjoining rooms is, in itself, particularly thought-evoking. It is a ?research work site?, the expression of the creativity and the enhancement of the territory. Information: Tel. e fax +39 0571.56296 Visiting hours: daily, including week-ends and holidays 10:00 am ? 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm ? 7:00 pm.

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