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“Leonardo's Land” - Lamporecchio, Vinci,Cerreto Guidi, Capraia, Limite

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The thought that Leonardo was born and raised in these places, between Montalbano and the Padule di Fucecchio, inspires great emotions, which in themselves are a key to reading the countryside, the towns, the faces one meets. Leonardo was born in Vinci, but the charm of the surrounding countryside had a great influence on his early instruction and sensibility, as can be seen in his early drawings. A landscape made of waters and hills, of agriculture and handcraft, where man?s genius was stimulated in its encounter with the nature of the Padule area and the rocky hillsides. A history of landscapes, but also of techniques, perfected to obtain the best from an often indomitable countryside. Centuries of work have led to today?s richness of vineyards and olive groves, in the wake of an ancient tradition which has always considered the Vinci slopes of Montalbano a land suited to these crops. Economy, history, environment and the luminous intrigue of Leonardo?s genius accompany the route which not only passes through Vinci, but also through Lamporecchio, Cerreto Guidi and surroundings until it reaches Limite e Capraia and the Etruscan settlement of Montereggi.

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The starting point: Take Sp 48 and Sp 31 from Lamporecchio to Cerreto Guidi. From Lamporecchio to Vinci, follow Via Leonardo da Vinci ? Via Lamporecchiana. From Vinci to Capraia e Limite: continue towards Spicchio, Sp 13, Sp 106.

How to get there
From Pistoia, SP 9, SP 46 and SP 16.

S. Ansano in Greti
S. Amato
Cerreto Guidi
Pieve a Ripoli
Capraia e Limite

Suggested activities:

Don't miss:
Lamporecchio: National Chamber Music and Guitar Competition, National Piano Competition, March; Ecological bike ride, April 25th; Classical Music concerts in the Montalbano churches and Pievi (literally parish churches), every Monday of July and August; Open-air cinema, July/August; Fiera d?agosto and Sagra del brigidino (August Fair and ?Brigidino? Festival), the week before the first Tuesday of August; Castles and forts, walking excursions on Montalbano, September. Spicchio: Musical Tuesdays, Classical Music Concerts in Villa Rospigliosi, every Tuesday from the last week of May to the end of June. Vinci, Celebrazioni Leonardiane (In Celebration of Leonardo), from April to June; Lettura Vinciana (Vinci Readings), at the Biblioteca Leonardiana (Leonardo Library), the Saturday closest to April 15th, Artingegno, 3rd Sunday of May, Renaissance Dinner, Culinary and Cultural routes through the town at the end of June. Vinci d?estate (Vinci Summer Festival). Summer review of shows, music, theatre, cinema and folkloristic fairs; July Fair and Volo di Cecco Santi (the reenactment of the flight of Cecco Santi), last Wednesday of July, Calici di Stelle (A Toast under the Stars), August 10th; New Wine and Oil Festival, 2nd Sunday of November. Cerreto Guidi: Wine exhibition, 2nd and 3rd weekends of July; Palio del cerro, 1st Saturday of September; Festa di Santa Liberata, 1st Sunday of September; events held during Settembre Cerretese (Cerreto in September), last Sunday of August/mid-September. Stabbia; Antique Show, April 25th. Bassa: Fish Festival, last week-end of June and the first of July. Lazzeretto: Pizza Festival, mid-August/mid-September. Limite sull?Arno: Festambiente, April 25th; Wine cellar trekking, last Sunday of May; Cena dei Rioni (Dinner for the quarters of the city), third Saturday of July; Palio di San Lorenzo, 3rd Sunday of July; Aia in festa, last Saturday of August; Settembre limitese, various events in Castra and Limite. Capraia Fiorentina: Premio Italia Esposizione (Italy Award Expo), April; Various artists? exhibitions, May; Exposition in collaboration with the Montelupo Fiorentino International Festival of Ceramics, last week in June; Capraia in festa, 4th week of July; Personal and collective exhibitions, October and November.

Things to see:
Lamporecchio (Church of Santo Stefano), Spicchio (Villa Rospigliosi, Church of Santi Simone e Giuda), Vinci (Castello dei Conti Guidi, Museo di Leonardo, in Leonardo da Vinci?s family home in Anchiano, Church of S. Croce and Baptismal font, Piazza Guidi where the Square redesigned by Mimmo Paladino marks the new route of the Museo Leonardiano, Piazza del Castello, Piazza della Libert? with the installation of the statue of Leonardo?s Horse), Limite (Church of Santa Maria, Oratory of the Santissima Trinit?, Abbey of San Martino in campo), Capraia Fiorentina (Church of Santo Stefano, Fornace Pasquinucci), Pulignano (Etruscan settlement of Montereggi), Bibbiani (the Villa), Cerreto Guidi (Oratory of the Santissima Trinit? and of the Santissimo Sacramento, Porta a Palagio, Palazzo del Podest?, Palazzina dei cacciatori, Stalloni Medicei, Medicean Villa, Historic museum dedicated to hunting and the territory, Church of San Leonardo, Sanctuary of Santa Liberata, Parish church of Ripoli, Stabbia, Church of San Zio, Church of Santa Maria a Bassa).
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