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“Territory and History” - Serravalle Pistoiese - Quarrata - Carmignano

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As announced by its name, Serravale closes the two river valleys that cross the Montalbano area: the Nievole and the Ombrone. Historically it is a territory of castles, confines, disputes and battles, but also a land of profound religiosity, as demonstrated by churches and parishes which frequently survived even the best armed fortifications. From Serravalle the route descends towards Quarrata, proposing a visit to San Baronto, and then continues on to Carmignano, rich in Etruscan archaeology sites. On the way, a succession of villas and farms accompanies the visitor, testimony to the funtionality of the residential and productive settlements.

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The starting point: From Serravalle Pistoiese, the route unwinds to the south towards Cantagrillo and Casalguidi until it reaches Quarrata. From Quarrata, it passes through Tizzana and Seano, and ends in Carmignano.

How to get there
Motorway A11 - Firenze Mare, Montecatini Terme exit (for those arriving from the seaside), then continue on S.S. 435 ? Lucchese in the direction of Pistoia. For those arriving from Florence, Pistoia exit, S.S. 435 ? Lucchese, in the direction of Montecatini Terme.

Serravalle Pistoiese

Suggested activities:
A visit to the hand-embroidery laboratories in the Casalguidi area; excursions to San Baronto; historical sites.

Don't miss:
Serravalle Pistoiese: Organ music concert, December 26th; Stralunando in rocca (street market to promote organic agricultural products, solidarity and fair trade products) June 2nd; C.G.I.L. Union Rally, June/July; Aria di lirica (Opera in the air) first week end of August; San Lodovico Patronal Celebrations, August 8/9 ? 19; Serravalle Jazz, last Sunday of August and following Monday and Tuesday; Percorrenze, Contemporary art, September; Castelli e fortificazioni (Castles and forts), guided visits in the hamlet of Serravalle, last two week ends of September; Concert season February/May; A walk on Montalbano (1st Sunday of June); guided visit of the hamlet during the Museo Amico (A museum for a friend) events (May 1st); Artistic handicraft street market ?La via dei Mercanti?, 3rd Sunday of the month. Cantagrillo: O.A.M.I. Festival, 2nd Sunday of May. Castellina: San Rocco Patronal Celebrations, from the end of July to August 16th; Flatbread festival, August 15th. Casalguidi: Festa bella Casalguidi (Casalguidi town festival) procession in costume with commemoration of the Passion of Jesus Christ, Good Friday, every three years; Fiera di Casalguidi (Casalguidi Fair), every third Monday of September (starting from the previous Thursday). Quarrata: Antique market, 3rd Sunday of every month; Processione di Ges? morto (Procession of Christ Crucified), Good Friday, every three years; Jazz review ?Border Land?, March and April; Spring concerts, April and May; ?Tizzana estate? review, in Tizzana, cinema, music and theatre in July; Livestock Fair, 1st Tuesday of September; Settembre a Quarrata (September in Quarrata), music, theatre and a variety of events; Theatrical season, from October to April; International Poetry Award, October. Valenzatico: Valenzatico Mardi Gras, last two Sundays of Mardi Gras. Carmignano: Antique and Flea Market, 1st Sunday of each month; Feast of San Michele and Palio dei ciuchi (Donkey race), around September 29th; Antica fiera (Old Street Market), 1st Sunday of December.

Things to see:
Serravalle Pistoiese, (Church of S. Michele, Church of Santo Stefano, Oratory of the Vergine Assunta, Rocca vecchia, Rocca nuova, Church of Saints Marcello and Lucia in Vinacciano, Palazzo Cancellieri di Vinacciano, Villa Gargani o Il Cassero, Villa De Rossi, Palazzo del Podest?, Villa di Lanciole, Villa Montegattoli), Casalguidi (Church of San Pietro), Quarrata (Church of Santa Maria Assunta, Villa La Magia), Montemagno (Church of San Giovanni evangelista), Lucciano (Church of Santo Stefano), Valenzatico (Church of Saints Maria and Clemente), Tizzana (Parish church of San Bartolomeo), Buriano (Church of San Michele Arcangelo), Vignole (Church of San Michele Arcangelo), La Ferruccia (Church of Saints Filippo and Giacomo, Museo di Arte Sacra (Museum of Sacred Art), Area della Querciola), Carmignano (Museo della vite e del vino (Vine and Wine Museum)), Church of San Michele and San Francesco, Church of San Lorenzo a Montalbiolo, Abbey of San Giusto al Pinone), Seano (Parco Museo Quinto Martini (Quinto Martini Museum Park), Church of San Pietro).
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