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“The Montalbano Ridge” - San Baronto,Vinci,Artimino

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The road from San Baronto, in the Province of Pistoia, that goes to Vinci and then on to Carmignano, in the Province of Prato, curves through the gentle landscape typical of the Tuscan countryside. The road passes through the green hills and blue skies of San Baronto, Papiano, Porciano, Fornello, Tigliano until it reaches Vinci, synonymous with the history of the castle and villas... and with Leonardo. Beyond the Barco Reale (the royal hunting reserve of the Medici), rises Poggio alla Malva with its monumental stone gate which was, and still is, the entrance to the Barco Reale. The start of a route through past and present, there where history coincides with that of the ancient Etruscans and frequently leaves the task of monumental testimony to the art of the villas, mostly from the XVI and XVII centuries. It is a walk through architecture (burial grounds, villas, as well as churches and parishes), with views worthy of interest. For example the Pietramarina Holm Oak Wood, where we find Holm Oaks (quercus ilex) with trunk diameters reaching 1.5 meters. It is not unusual to catch a glimpse of the woodland animals? hiding places in the hollows of the trunks. This was once the site of Etruscan dwellings, as was Artimino, which in addition to the burial ground dating back to the VIII ? VII century B.C., offers the possibility of visiting an elaborate Archaeological Museum housed in the Medici Villa, ?La Ferdinanda?.

The Associated: Vinci  

The starting point: From San Baronto to Carmignano SP 9, SP 13, SP 43.

How to get there
From Pistoia, SP 9 for 15 km.

San Baronto
Poggio alla Malva

Suggested activities:
walks, trekking, bird watching, bike touring in a natural, uncontaminated context in the midst of farmlands visibly integrated into the countryside. An excellent selection of local products, to complete an ideal nature and culinary route.

Don't miss:
San Baronto: Fierucola, May 1st; Art in Fiera ? typical street market, the second to the last Saturday and Sunday of August; San Baronto a Tavola (San Baronto at Table), last Saturday of August; Porciano: Porcianese September, the week ending with the 1st Sunday of September; Carmignano, Antique and Second-hand Market, 1st Sunday of each month, Feast of S. Michele and Palio dei Ciucchi (Donkey Race), around September 29th; Antica Fiera (Traditional street market), 1st Tuesday of December; Seano, Antique and Second-hand Market, 2nd Sunday of each month; Bacchereto, Cherry Festival, first two week-ends of June; The Fig Festival, 1st Saturday of September; Chestnut Festival, last two week-ends of October. Comeana, Antica Fiera (Traditional street market), 1st Tuesday of July ? Antica Rocca, Calici di stelle (A toast under the stars), August 10th; Poggio alla Malva, Polenta, Porcine Mushroom and Wild Boar Festival, 2nd and 3rd week-end of September ? Sovigliano, Spicchio and Vitolini, Mardi Gras, Parade of Allegorical Floats and Costumes and Fireworks on the Arno river; Spicchio and Sovigliano, Snail Festival, end of May, Paesinfesta, sports, music, environment, 3rd week of June. Vinci, Celebrazioni Leonardiane (In Celebration of Leonardo), from April to June; Lettura Vinciana (Vinci Readings), at the Biblioteca Leonardiana (Leonardo Library), the Saturday closest to April 15th, Artingegno, 3rd Sunday of May, Renaissance Dinner, Culinary and Cultural routes through the streets of Vinci ?Alla Mensa di Leonardo? (At Leonardo?s Table), Vinci d?estate (Vinci Summer Festival). Summer review of shows, music, theatre, cinema and folkloristic fairs, July-September; July Fair and Volo di Cecco Santi (the reenactment of the flight of Cecco Santi), last Wednesday of July, Calici di Stelle (A Toast under the stars) in Piazza del Castello, August 10th; New Wine and Oil Festival, Flavours and colours of Montalbano, 2nd Sunday of November.

Things to see:
San Baronto (Abbey with crypt), Papiano, Porciano (parish church, castle) Fornello, Tigliano, Vinci (Leonardo da Vinci Museum in the Castello dei Conti Guidi and in the Palazzina Uzielli; Santa Croce Church, Santissima Annunziata Sanctuary, Church of S.Giovanni Battista in S. Ansano in Greti, Church of S. Maria Assunta in Faltognano, Church of S. Pietro in S. Amato, Villa Martelli, Villa del Ferrale, Villa Calappiano, Villa Dianella), Vitolini (Church of San Pietro Apostolo), Montalbiolo, Poggio alla Malva (Church of S. Stefano, Monumental Gate), Verghereto (Church of San Pietro), Bacchereto (Parish Church of S. Maria Assunta, Oratory of the compagnia del Corpo di Cristo), Capezzana (Oratory of S. Jacopo), Santa Cristina a Mezzana (Priory of Santa Cristina), Artimino (Etruscan Burial Ground in Prato Rosello, Parish Church of San Leonardo and Santa Maria, Municipal Archaeological Museum in the Medicean Villa ?La Ferdinanda?), Pietramarina (archaeological site and Holm Oak Wood).
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