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“Wellbeing and Nature” - Larciano - Monsummano Terme - Serravalle Pistoiese

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The route between Montalbano and Valdinievole is an enchanting road: a medieval knight might well materialise in the mist (its name seems to be derived from ?valley of the mists? or ?of the clouds?), fleeing from Padule di Fucecchio towards the hill, or a wary messenger, bearing a missive from Florence or Lucca. Or, similarly, we might catch a glimpse of a pilgrim, drawn to the Via Francigena and to the Sanctuary, sight of the miracle of the well-head. Valdinievole is a sort of middle earth, full of charm and countryside, unchanged by the passing of the centuries. An enchanted land kissed by the sun, reclaimed over time and open to the visitor with its history, its castles, its hot-springs and its trails, waiting to be discovered.

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The starting point: From Larciano, for the excursionist we suggest a circular route that touches San Baronto (road and trails); for Monsummano and Serravalle, the road from Larciano to the north, through Castelmartini and Cintolese.

How to get there
Motorway A11 Firenze Mare (Montecatini exit) - SS. 435; rom Empoli: SS. 435; from Pistoia, through San Baronto and Lamporecchio, from Cecina, through Biccimurri.

San Baronto
Monsummano Terme
Fattoria delle Case
Serravalle Pistoiese

Suggested activities:
trekking, excursions, photography, spa therapy.

Don't miss:
Larciano: Mardi Gras (February); Cocomerata in piazza (Watermelon Festival in the square), July; Open-air cinema, July - August; Town fair, September. Castelmartini: Marshland greens festival, April; Cherry festival, June. Loc. Porto delle Morette: Merenda del cacciatore (The hunter?s titbit), May. Loc. Colonna: The doughnut festival, end of May ? beginning of June; Beer fest, July ? August; La festa del cacciatore (The hunter?s Festival), August; Festa del volontariato (Volunteerism Festival), August. Larciano Castello: Percorso enogastronomico (Gourmet Fair), June. Loc. Cecina: Feast of the Madonna del Buonconsiglio, September; Sagra della schiacciata con l?uva (Raisin flatbread festival) September; Castagnata (Chestnut festival), October. San Baronto: Fierucola, May 1st; Art in Fiera ? typical street market, the second to the last Saturday and Sunday of August; San Baronto a Tavola (San Baronto at Table), last Saturday of August; Monsummano: Cioccolosit? (Chocolate festival), last week-end of January; Piazza in fiore (Flower show), second Sunday of April; Spring concert season, April/May; Spring visits to the city museums, last two Sundays in May; Open-air cinema and theatre, from the first Wednesday of June to the first Saturday of September; Le notti dell?archeologia (Archaeology evenings), first week of July; Festa Medievale (Medieval Festival) (in Montevettolini), second week end of September; Castelli e fortificazioni (Castles and forts), last week end of September; Arti & Piazza (The Arts & the Square), first Sunday in October; Grape harvest festival (Caiano farm), second Sunday of October; Fall concert season, October/November; Giuseppe Giusti Literary Award, last Saturday of November; Art exhibit, even numbered years from November to March; Piazza in festa (A party in the Square), second Sunday of December. Serravalle: Organ music concerts, in the winter season; Stralunando in rocca (street market to promote organic agricultural products, solidarity and fair trade products) first Sun day in June; C.G.I.L. Union Rally, June; Poetry in music, July and August; Operatic music concerts, early August; San Lodovico Patronal Celebrations, August 1 ? 19; Serravalle Jazz, end of August; Percorrenze, Contemporary art, September; Castelli e fortificazioni (Castles and forts), guided visits in the hamlet of Serravalle, end of September; Walking on Montalbano.

Things to see:
Larciano (Church of San Rocco, Church of San Silvestro, Oratory of the Santissimo Sacramento Society, the Fortress, Municipal Museum), Cecina (fortress, Church of San Niccol?), Castelmartini (Church of San Donnino, Giardino della Memoria (Commemorative Garden), Monsummano (Terme Grotta Giusti, Terme Grotta Parlanti, Church of San Niccolao, Piazza Giusti, Sanctuary of Santa Maria della Fontenuova, Museo di Arte Sacra (Sacred Art Museum), Oratory of San Carlo, Osteria dei Pellegrini (The Pilgrims? Inn), Museo della citt? e del territorio (Museum of the city and surrounding territory), Villa Renatico Martini, Museo di Arte contemporanea e del Novecento (Museum of Contemporary and XX century Art), Palazzo Giusti, Fattoria delle case), Montevettolini (ruins of the castle, City Hall, Medici Villa, Church of San Michele Arcangelo and San Lorenzo Martire), Serravalle, (Church of San Michele, Church of Santo Stefano, Oratory of the Saints Rocco and Sebastiano, Rocca Vecchia, Church of the Saints Marcello and Lucia a Vinacciano, Palazzo Cancellieri di Vinacciano, Villa Gargani also known as Il Cassero, Villa De Rossi, Palazzo del Podest?, Villa di Lanciole, Villa Montegattoli). For more information on the monuments and historical places of Serravalle, see the Blue Route.
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